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Nov '09

I took the pictures of Egypt for you….


This is a somewhat difficult comment to write, but Egypt was a huge disappointment. Like most people, a life goal is to see the great grand Pyramids.   Egypt was overrun by multiple nations for hundreds of years.  Some of the best treasures were stolen, er borrowed.  The ancient civillization we learned about in school is entirely gone.

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IMG 1388

Cairo is one huge tourist trap. Everything and everyone is geared towards selling you a piece of Egypt, no matter how small. Even inside of the Pyramids, which are crumbling themselves, there are porters who talk for 15-20 seconds and then beg for tips.

IMG 1409

The Pyramids of Giza offered the first Pyramid ever built, the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx. Also, we had the opportunity to ride on a camel. Honestly, if I was to make a suggestion to others, take your picture on the camel and get off.   The ride isn’t worth it any price.  The guides make a game out of getting as much money from you, then asking “are you okay with this?”  They want you to admit, “Yes, I am okay with you ripping me off (jerk).”

Sadly, everything around the Pyramids make the entire experience unenjoyable. I was in Cairo for about 46 hours, which was 22 hours too long. Other parts of Egypt may be worthwhile. I have heard there is some good scuba diving in one part. If so, it is understandable to stop in Cairo and see the Pyramids, just do what you can to make it a day trip.

IMG 1750

If you want to see the best parts of Egypt? Go to London.  The above picture was taken there.  All of the coolest exhibits are at the British Museum, which is Air-Conditioned .

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