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Dec '09

Getting to Queenstown from Christchurch

Travel Date: 7.15.09 to 7.16.09

IMG 0426

Before leaving Auckland, we made use of Base ACB’s Travel Desk to book some South Island time. Kez helped make most of the arrangements. After about an hour with her, we decided that since we were flying into Christchurch(CSC), we would stay there a night before making the 5-6 hour drive down to Queenstown. We intended to visit Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin (pronounced do-nee-din) and then drive back up to CSC. (This changed after visiting Queentown.)


IMG 0262 IMG 0279

Once Kez was done booking our next couple of days, I asked her what we should do while in Christchurch. Her response was to roll her eyes, then said to grab some dinner and get an early start to Queenstown. When I arrived, I completely understood. While a perfectly fine town, there really isn’t much to do especially compared to other New Zealand cities. So we took her advice and made the trip down to Queenstown first thing in the morning.

Well, this was after the rental car agent explained how to use snow chains.

6 Hour Drive

IMG 0280Like the rest of New Zealand, there are no freeways between the major cities. So you must drive rural highways which take you through towns. Much of the South Island is covered by the alps, which makes for twisty roads. The new rental car was an automatic, which made for a much easier drive.

When I first landed in Christchurch, I could already tell the temperature was much lower. In fact, it was near 35(F) degrees. After about an hour of driving we got our first look at some snow, which we would see pretty much all the way into Queenstown.

IMG 0316 IMG 0352 IMG 0291

These photos are just some of the spectacular views we came across. If you look at the Picasa Album, you’ll be able to see on a map (or in Google Earth) where these were taken.

The Sheep

IMG 0459Just outside of Queenstown, we drove by a sheep farm which was right on the road. As I mentioned before, I really wanted to get a picture of a me next to a sheep. Actually, Jay and I were both hoping to get stuck on a road, while waiting for a herd to cross. In any case, we saw this farm and thought it was our chance to get a sheep picture. As soon as I approached the fence, the sheep started to run away! Even standing perfectly still for a few minutes did not get them to come closer. Though, I did notice that they were (apparently) fascinated by me. Isn’t this a creepy looking picture?

Although we didn’t have radio for most of the drive, it went by pretty quickly. We rolled into Queenstown right around 6pm, which looked like rush hour. It was obvious driving through the City Centre that this town was where I parked my car.

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