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Dec '09

Heading back to Auckland

Along the way back to Auckland, we stopped at a few different small towns. When we got to Whangarei , I was tired of driving through twisting roads in the rain, so we stopped for the night. Actually looked like it was going to be a happening Saturday night in this random town. However, after a couple of rounds of pool we turned in to get an early start the next day.

Cafe Eutopia

IMG 0174 IMG 0177 IMG 0178 IMG 0172-1

Fully rested we got back on the road. After about an hour driving, we came across what looked like a Cafe in the shape of a boat. When we pulled into the parking lot, we could see that it was an outdoor cafe with six different huts made out of a material called “ferroconrete.” Even though one was labeled as the “Warm Room”, it is still rather cold. You would think the totally awesome ambiance would have been enough, but the food was even better. This is one of those finds where you are glad you drove a few extra minutes to find a place to eat.

Strong Man

iPhone-North Island 009 iPhone-North Island 023

Our next stop brought us to an Art Workshop, by a man named the “Strong”? He is currently preparing for a show in Tokyo after returning from Amsterdam earlier in the year. Most of his work is some form of Maori symbol, hand carved out of enormous pieces of wood. From the day he receives raw material until the day he finishes, between 2 and 7 years will pass. The longest part of the wait is for the wood to completely dry. Since the wood pieces are not perfect and have some holes in this, he fills these holes with stone and epoxy, which adds a serious amount of beauty to something that was already beautiful. (My favorite piece is pictured here, even though we were not suppose to be taking pictures!)



IMG 0188 IMG 0190

One of the goals of driving around by car was to get a picture with a sheep. I thought this goal would happen as we approached Dome Valley, which is home of Sheepworld! The clever design of Sheepworld requires you to enter the park through the Gift Shop. I asked the nice woman working what we’d get to see for $12 (NZD). Her response was less than inspiring, “you get to see all kinds of animals: goats, sheep, dogs, did I say goats?” She continued by saying, “the best thing is the Sheep Show, but that doesn’t start for another 2 hours.” She didn’t sell either of us on the admission price.


Snow World

IMG 0237

Slightly to the north of Auckland is a small town called Silverdale. We started seeing signs for snow skiing. This seem a little strange since the north island isn’t really cold enough for snow. Turns out, there was an indoor snow slope, called Snow Planet in Silverdale. For almost the entire time we were in New Zealand, the primary schools were on Holiday. You can imagine the number of children running around a place like this late Sunday afternoon. If we had not planned on doing some skiing in Queenstown, we might have given it a shot. However, why pay for fake when the real is so much better?

Being back in Auckland was strange, since we already knew the city pretty well. After a couple of days of lounging, we boarded a plane and headed down to the South Island.

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