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Dec '09

New Zealand Itinerary Posted

The first 3 weeks of the trip will be spent in New Zealand.  The flight out of Austin leaves on July 2nd, and lands in Auckland the morning of July 4th.  We decided not to plan the entire trip for New Zealand yet.   The current plan is to spend 2/3rds of the time on […]

Dec '09

Getting to Queenstown from Christchurch

Travel Date: 7.15.09 to 7.16.09 Before leaving Auckland, we made use of Base ACB’s Travel Desk to book some South Island time. Kez helped make most of the arrangements. After about an hour with her, we decided that since we were flying into Christchurch(CSC), we would stay there a night before making the 5-6 hour […]

Dec '09

Driving the wrong side of the road (and Zorbing)

From Rotorua A few days in Auckland is you need before you decide it is time to get a little more mobile. That being the case, we went to the airport to find a rental car. Imagine my surprise when Jay and I handed the guy entirely different looking Texas IDs, one which a dog […]

Dec '09

Cayoning near Piha Beach

On Tuesday we went Caynoning.  We rappelled (or abseiled) down various cliffs and waterfalls.  The canyon was located near Piha Beach. Click the picture for the album (currently only with pictures of me.)

Dec '09

Landed in Auckland

We landed in Auckland early in the morning.  It is a bit colder here than home.  Between the 40s and 50s.  A little too overcast and rainy.  But we’re told it should clear up by the middle of the week. After checking out the city by foot, we are going to crash for a few […]

Oct '09

Adventures in Queenstown

Anyone that talks about Queenstown brings up three different activities: Bungy Jumping, Skydiving, and Skiing. Unlike most people, Skydiving does not really scare me. Of course I say this before I have actually gone. While I do not doubt diving over New Zealand’s Southern Alps would be amazing, we just couldn’t fit it into our […]